Initial Public Offering (IPO) Project Management

The decision to proceed with an Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a significant one for any company. With this decision, a large number of matters must be addressed. It is important for your Board to have the confidence in a resource that can create and manage the IPO timetable and reporting requirements. In consultation with our Corporate Services Division, Cicero Advisory can provide clients with advice and assistance in the connection with their IPO including:

  • capital raising
  • roadshow and investor presentation management
  • management of the entire IPO process
  • acting as an observer on the Due Diligence Committee to ensure any significant items of interest to the client which are identified are communicated effectively to the clients' Board
  • engagement of  lawyers and independent experts  with the purpose of providing reports for inclusion in the Prospectus (IGR, IAR, IER)
  • liaising with and co-ordination of ASIC and ASX matters arising as part of the IPO
  • preparation of and reviewing the prospectus for the capital raising
  • providing the client with continuing support and advice as is necessary

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